High Quality Treatment at an Affordable Price

All in an environment that makes you feel at home

From Orthopedics to Total Knee Replacement

We’ll Treat Your Needs With a Physician You Trust

Care That Comforts

If you’re looking to undergo elective surgery, you may be searching for a hospital to provide treatment. Unfortunately, hospitals can be costly, inefficient, and often don’t provide the best environment for recovery.

At the Surgery Center at Pelham, we strive to provide a familial atmosphere that makes you feel at home. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, in addition to pricing that is significantly lower than the average hospital, we promise to provide the highest level of care at an affordable price — all in an environment that comforts you.

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  • Nicole O.
    Staff was very informative and helpful from the first phone call they made to calling the next day after surgery.
    Nicole O.
  • James D.
    The Best experience ever!!!!!!! The nurse's,doctor's, and all involved in my surgery was wonderful!!!!! The best overall professional attitude of all staff that I came in contact with.
    James D.
  • Cathy B.
    Staff and providers, as well as the overall experience in the center - great service, great access, and felt at all times in great care. Thank you all!
    Cathy B.
  • Pam D.
    It was not crowded nor chaotic like other outpatient facilities I have been too. The staff was helpful and friendly. Everything went smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
    Pam D.
  • Jan K.
    The staff was wonderful! They made us feel at ease. They were very understanding and patient.
    Jan K.